Orphans – from the heart!

Charity in Kazakhstan is good ancient tradition. This manifestation of geniality and disinterested mutual aid. According to sociological data (data Kazinform), in 10 years the charity indicator in the country has grown by 60%. Charity in Kazakhstan is not only the help needy and needing today, but also investments in development of the social sphere. These are new schools, kindergartens, the camp of rest, gyms. Only for the last three years over 40 billion tenge of sponsor's investments are made in education. The statement in the society of charity, humanity and disinterested mutual aid becomes an important factor of public consent and national unity.

 "Prosperous people have to take part actively in charity, Kazakhstan has to know such people — here the patron, helps the poor, helps patients. This normal society, we are going to it, we are the young state" — the President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev has noted.

"On the basis of the Kazakhstan experience of peace and harmony the Nation of the uniform future therefore it is chosen in the Afternoon of gratitude absolutely fairly on March 1 is born - it is day when the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan has been created — the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has told, speaking at the action devoted to Day of gratitude. — It is important to celebrate this day special actions of charity and support to all persons in need and neighbors".

Many consider that charity is to give alms or to give toys and clothes to persons in need. At the same time some people believe that if they during Ramadan month have made alms, then have completely fulfilled the civic and religious duty. The curious charities of Kazakhstan given in the sphere give some media (newspapers of "Letters", "Caravan". See: https://www.caravan.kz/articles/blagotvoritelnost-v-kazakhstane-ktoest-kto375474/): according to them (2014) 51 percent of the population don't do charity work; 40 percent do charity work from time to time, and generally by means of "alms" or donations in orphanages in the form of things, books, etc.; domestic "market" of charity can be estimated at 300-400 million tenge. Donations of Kazakhstan citizens make only 30-45 percent from total amounts

charitable means of tenge a year. And the higher at people salary, the more difficultly they leave

with the money; For comparison — in the USA about 90 percent do charity work

Americans, the volume of donations on charity steadily exceeds 2 percent of GDP of the country.

It is represented what data that only 9 percent of Kazakhstan citizens regularly do charity work isn't true since most of Kazakhstan citizens considers charity an immanent part of the life, a daily duty of each citizen. For this reason don't accent, and don't expose the good acts on public.

In the USA other tradition. Charitable contributions often are not assessed with taxes. Therefore these activities in the USA "is civilized" it is fixed by tax and statistical authorities. In our country, in life, it is considered that each worthy noble person according to the lights shall, and it is even obliged to do good causes, to do charity work. For this reason in Kazakhstan it is not accepted "to advertize" this side of the activity. However, time to openly tell and show this aspect of life of people, first of all, prosperous and successful came. Not for "advertizing" and to show that our modern society is not worse than the ancestors, and the help to the poor and persons in need is an immanent part of daily activity, therefore, statements about "deterioration" in customs, though take place to be, are not defining.

In this regard it would be desirable to draw the attention of readers to one traditional date — on June 1 — Children's Day — is day when through the whole country people create good for the sake of the future — happiness of children. And this day very important that all children felt that they remember them, they are loved, care for them.

I rendered to JSC Republican scientific and methodical center of development of technical and professional education and confirmation of qualification (JSC RSMC) within the charity in June of this year the charitable help

to pupils of Orphanage No. 2 of the city of Almaty. Sixty pupils of Orphanage received address gifts on the amount seven hundred fifty thousand tenge.

At the same time each of sixty pupils had an opportunity to acquire any gift, any goods at the choice. The CEO of JSC RNMTs Begaly Orazaliyevich Khalmuratov together with tutors was present at a supermarket during purchase by pupils of the gifts. Probably, I will not be far from the truth if I tell that for many pupils it was the first in their life choice the selected gift of which he or she dreamed.

Twelve thousand five hundred tenge for someone and small money. However, for pupils of orphanages it is a real opportunity to implement the small dream. Each child dreams of some toy or clothes or a thing.

Huge joy was to see happy baby faces — independently selected to themselves a gift of "dream" and also independently "paid" for it. Let this small joyful instant will remain forever in the hearts of orphanage No. 2 pupils and will become a source for their formation by worthy, educated, warm-hearted, hardworking citizens of our beautiful Homeland!

And while in our world to be created kindly, children smile and rejoice, ours of the countries will prosper and develop.

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