Regional competition "Best gaz-electric welder - 2016"
In the traditional annual messages to the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan the President noted the necessity to improve the training of workers. Big changes in all spheres of public life in the country, including those carried out educational activities in the field of education, opened a great opportunity to overcome the crisis.

     In the Message to the People "Kazakhstan in the new global reality: growth, reform and development",  Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed that free education in technical and vocational education at the training and retraining of specialists, to create conditions for high quality education throughout their lives, the replacement of foreign workers by Kazakh specialists - are the main directions of industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan.

              In education, the formation of new approaches, a new relationship, the transition to the new basic curriculum, textbooks and educational - methodical complexes of new generation, a new way of thinking. The initial task in the work of each teacher - is an effective, interesting lessons conduct, prompting the desire of adolescents to knowledge, goals, professional motivation, increase cognitive activity.  The visible result of the work of the teacher is only when, along with the knowledge of his profession to perfection on the lessons he receives support from their students. Without labor, without searching it does not appear best practices. In many ways, the success of the teacher labor depends on his personal qualities, skills, knowledge, skills.

The Regional Training Centre (methodical study) at the regional department of education  on the 9th of  December 2016 on the basis of Kyzylorda  Polytechnic College organized the regional competition of professional skill "Best gaz-electric welder - 2016"

         The purpose of the competition - the identification of talented trainers who have deep knowledge of the content of technical and vocational education, information and communication technologies, research and creative competences; suitable for the requirements of the new formations. 
Results  of the competition were evaluated according to specific criteria.
Stages of the competition:
Stage I: Consideration of documents of participants: scientific-methodical, creative work over the past three years
Stage II: Testing to determine the level of education, knowledge of pedagogy, psychology, and his specialty
Stage III: Member Card
Stage IV: Practical work on the routing.
         At the end of the competition I  place was replaced by a master of industrial training Shieli industrial - agricultural college Daulet Nazaruly, II place - the master of industrial training Kazaly transport -technical college Aykozha Sapar, III place - the master of i industrial training Kazaly agrarian-technical college Pіrzhanov Adіlzhan.


Kalybekova Shahar Ziyatovna –manager  branch of  "National Scientific and Methodological Center of Technical and Vocational Education and Qualification" in Kyzylorda region.


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